Drug Prevention

Students should be encouraged to be leaders and not succumb to the pressures of doing drugs. Drugs affect the mind, body, and soul. Teenagers should be warned about the affects from drug usage and underage drinking. Being responsible for your own actions and best interest is important. The best solution is  to not experiment with drugs for the first time because of addiction risks.  We never know if we are genetically predisposed to drugs. Therefore, experimenting with drugs may be a death wish that we can't escape from once we start. Our belief is that you can't miss something that  you've never had.

An individual should always think twice before making a hasty decision. Make choices that will benefit you as opposed to making choices that are detrimental to you and your future. Students shouldn't  make a bad choice to experiment with drugs because of peer pressure. After high school graduation, most students won't interact with most of their current friends or classmates. Therefore, it is is important to not ruin their future by experimenting with drugs because of a group or person that are not likely to be in their future.