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The Buffy Coleman Basketball Show

"I understand why the Buffy Coleman Basketball show has been such a success. He has uncanny rapport with the students and they identify with him. We definitely will have the program back at our school" John Elliott — Assistant principal
Edison High School, Huntington Beach, CA

Buffy on the cover of Searcy Living magazine, Searcy, AR

Buffy “Mr. Magic” was discovered by and attended the 1993 Harlem Globetrotters training Camp. He still makes personal appearances with the World Famous Harlem Wizards.

Buffy has spoken to more than 2,000,000 adults and youth across North America while visiting over 3,000 schools.

The show is entertainment as well as fun for the entire student body and school faculty, with comedy and amazing basketball skills. Most of all there is an inspirational message for young people.

The show consists of: (1) Audience participation, (2) Solo performance by Buffy Coleman, (3) Motivational speech (4) Free autograph session with Buffy, if time permits. Rewards will be given out to some participants. Amazing Basketball Tricks, Trick Hoops, and Antics that are sure to prompt laughter from the entire crowd!

Buffy has visited schools in many major cities across the country but he's intrigued to visit rural schools because he originates from a rural town that has a population of less than 500 residents. Visiting rural schools allows him to share his inspiring story of how he defied the odds to become successful despite originating from a rural town.

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