"Mr. Magic" Buffy Coleman

    Buffy “Mr. Magic” Coleman was discovered by and attended the 1993 Harlem Globetrotters training Camp. He still makes personal  appearances with his former team the World Famous Harlem Wizards. 

   Buffy has spoken to more than 5,000,000 adults and youth across North America while visiting over 3,000 schools. The show is entertainment as well as fun for the entire student body and school faculty, with comedy and amazing basketball skills. Most of all there is an inspirational message for young people.

   (Any message topic can be customized to fit the problem areas at your school while highlighting a specific topic. In other words, you tell us the problem you would like to address and we will deliver a dynamic message addressing the the topic of your choice).  


" My favorite baller is Buffy Coleman. I host his program twice in a school season. Once during the fall for Bully Prevention and again duringthe standardized Testing. The kids absolutely love Buffy and his program."

Gwen Russell-principal New Albany Middle School, New Alabany, MS.

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  • I understand why the Buffy Coleman Basketball show has been such a success. He has uncanny rapport with the students and they identify with him. We definitely will have the program back at our school." John Elliott — Assistant principal
    Edison High School, Huntington Beach, CA

Elpaso Independent School District


 " I'm So thankful that we came across Buffy Coleman because his program is the best assembly we've ever had at our school. Not to mention that the last speaker we had was absolutely horrible and did not hold the student's attention. The teachers were looking at me like where did you find the previous speaker but they loved Buffy Coleman's program. I have been getting overwhelming compliments from the teachers after the assembly." 

Patricia Hammock- School Counselor

Centerville Elementary School, Centerville, Tx

Hughes Springs Texas


   "I knew in advance that our students would love Buffy's program. It's one of the best programs ever hosted at our school."

Tami Summers-School Counselor

Fannin County Middle School, Blue Ridge, Ga.

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