The Show

Buffy makes a formal  introduction.

10-15 students and sometimes teachers are picked from the audience ( the kids LOVE this ) to go to either center court or stage if there is no court. A trick passing contest will be conducted with the participants. The winning participant receives an autographed item.

He does a solo performance in which he amazes the audience with basketball spins, juggling basketballs, and the most amazing basketball tricks in the world to keep the student's attention while delivering his message.

A hands free Lapel microphone is ideal but if a Lapel microphone isn't available, a traditional microphone will be suitable.

The program is appropriate for grade levels k-12. The format of the program is the same for all grade levels, but the message is conveyed differently by discretion according to each grade level.

The show is approximately 45 minutes in length but can be shortened if necessary.

Any media outlet may be invited to the assembly program, television, newspaper, magazine, etc. Buffy does speaking engagements at schools,camps, banquets, bar-mitzvah's, boys and girls clubs, After School Programs, Family Night Events, Juvenile Detention Centers, Group Homes, Award ceremonies, or any social gathering of youth groups and communities.