Bully Prevention

Cyber bulling is just as harmful as in school bullying. Before hitting the send button students should think of the consequences before submitting the hurtful message. Our motto is "Treat others the way you want to be treated" and we all know how we want to be treated. Most of us like to joke and have fun but it should never be at the expense of another person's feelings. We all like the feeling that permeates from being uplifted by someone as opposed to being suppressed. 


In fact, we recommend that schools take the proactive approach by encouraging all students at a particular school to develop the habit of uplifting each other making positive comments. If  we have compassion for others by placing ourselves  in another person shoes, it would detour us from being judgmental. We did not create any of our physical features so why tease or hurt someone's feelings because of their physical attributes. We have no control of who our parents are, or the way we were born.

Often time students are looked down upon by their peers because of the fact that  they don't have name brand clothing or because they don't live in a certain neighborhood. Bottom line is that many times students are mistreated because they are not of a certain social status or don't come from money. Classicism is a real issue that is  an underlying problem in our society but doesn't get much attention.  

Teachers can't see everything and that's when bullying usually takes place. Hallways, Bus, Cafeteria, Library etc. That's why we recommend that students police each other and have each other's back when they see any bulling. When students witness another student being bullied, students should encourage the bully not to bully the particular student instead of laughing or not saying anything. 

In sports, the way to reach your goals as a team is by getting the most out of the less skillful players bringing them along on the winning journey.  By not making the less skillful teammates feel good about themselves, it only hinders them from helping the more skillful player reach their goal. Instead of focusing on the mistakes the less skillful player makes, the skillful player compliments them on the things that they do well. In return, the less skillful player will do their very best to not disappoint the more skillful player. 

We always recommend that if a  student is witnessing another student being bullied, they should suggest to the bully to stop in a soft non aggressive tone. In other words, be a buddy and not a bully. It's important to create a culture at school in which most of the students take the proactive approach which makes it very difficult for bullying to exist. Strength is in numbers and if most students bond together toward a common goal, it makes it difficult for the few bullies to succeed at disturbing a positive environment. 

True happiness comes from within by helping others by brightening someone's day with a random act of kindness by paying it forward. A genuine smile, holding the door open for someone, or just saying kind words! There are two words that help hurt feelings or bruised egos. Simply saying" I'm sorry" many times can help mend a broken relationship if the offender realize their offense. Everyone deserves respect. The homeless person on the street corner deserves to be treated with the same amount of respect as the rich millionaire. The greatest act of mankind is to inspire other humans by uplifting them instead of tearing them down.

Don't prejudge anyone because they are different. It's okay to be different. Most people are bullied or mistreated because they're different. This is the root cause of most social issues in America.  Regardless of race, political views, financial status, gender, nationality, style, or whatever. Its ok to be different or disagree with someone but still love them instead of exclusion.    


 When all else fells, if a bully continues to zero in on a particular student, a fellow    student should report the ongoing bullying to a teacher or administrator.