Positive Behavior

 Scheduling a fun event is an approach schools can use to reward students that exhibit positive behavior.  


 First, the problem behavior must be identified. For example, your student may be:

  • Disrupting the class
  • Showing aggression toward the teacher or other children
  • Acting unresponsive or withdrawn
  • Refusing to do classroom work
  • Using inappropriate or harassing language 


In a school with a traditional approach to discipline, teachers may try to correct behavior through punishment. Here’s an example.

During a class discussion, a student sitting in the back throws a spitball. With a traditional approach, the teacher might scold and send the student to the principal’s office. After the student is punished, the student returns to class and is expected to behave. But there’s no instruction on how to act appropriately. If there’s more bad behavior, they simply increase the punishment. But, by taking the proactive approach by rewarding a student for positive behavior is very powerful.


Our Emphasized  character traits are respect, responsibility, self control, fairness, teamwork, leadership, compassion, and kindness. We encourage respect for parents, principals, teachers, coaches, or any authoritative figure.