Excellence In The Classroom

Students should be at their desk on time, behave in the classroom, pay attention to the teachers and develop good study habits at home. Students should always be reminded about the importance of concentration while testing and on lessons being taught by their teacher. Knowledge leads to future success and maximizing academic potential will help to increase one's thinking capacity. Statistics prove through case studies that if a student drop out of school, there is a high probability of them living in poverty as an adult. 

It is important to develop good listening and communication skills, which is a form of education. High School students should read and or research about a mentor who is already successful in their field, then duplicate the mentor's course of action. Many times a mentor will share the mistakes they've made through their course of action preventing growing pains for the potential student. In this day and time there's ton of information published about someone that is already successful at a career that we may choose to pursue.    

We should all set out to overachieve which means one should always strive to do better than they think they can do. If a student is a C average student, they should strive to become an A average student, always raising the bar. By thinking in such a capacity, the thought of overachieving becomes habit forming causing it to be second nature to have a mindset to be committed to excellence. Humans are creatures of habits so it it's important to get in the habit of always doing your best.It is important to gain an edge while in pursuit of any task. The way to gain an edge is by the way we prepare by studying.

You are either an asset or liability to a company or institution. Assets contribute and increase value. Liabilities detract and are disposable. Students that thrive in the classroom are setting themselves up to become an asset to society by excelling in the classroom. We are paid for what we know and pay for what we don't know. Students should know that by excelling in the classroom, they are preparing for their future..