1. When is payment Due? Payment is due the day of after the presentation. An advance deposit is not required unless it is a special negotiated charge for a special date. In rare cases payment can be made after the event if it is a district policy that an invoice can't be submitted until after the service has been rendered. In such a case,an agreement must be made in advance. Otherwise, payment is expected on the day of after the presentation.

2. What is an ideal audience size? There is no cap on the number of students that can attend the event but an ideal audience size is approximately 400 people.

3. Is the program appropriate for all grade levels?  Yes, the show is a hit for all grade levels.

4. What should I expect by hosting the program at my school? A high energy interactive show with a dynamic message that will capture the student's attention.

5. Will a guest join Buffy if the program is hosted at my school? No, Buffy usually travels solo but the school will be notified in advance if a guest is expected to join him for the event.

6. What time should I expect Buffy to arrive on the day of the presentation?  Buffy typically arrives 30 minutes prior to the presentation. In some cases, if his itinerary is tight he may arrive 15 minutes prior to the presentation.