Believe to Achieve

  Buffy Coleman's story is indeed a true success story. Standing only 5ft.-7in. tall, he has been able to do something that most short people aren't supposed to do and that's play professional basketball. As a youngster he was discouraged not to pursue basketball because of his height but he persevered and defied the odds by becoming successful at reaching his goal. 

Originating from the small town of Heflin, Louisiana, he was discovered by the Harlem Globetrotters by sending a video of his ball handling skills to management. He attended their 1993 Training Camp where a pre-existing injury was aggravated but he redeemed himself and sent a video to Todd Davis, the Chairman and President of the World Famous Harlem Wizards. After reviewing the video, the Moonachie, New Jersey based organization signed Buffy to a deal. He ended up spending two great seasons with the Wizards. 

 Ultimately, Coleman has always wanted to become an entrepreneur while making his own impact in the entertainment business and he accomplishes this by changing the lives of kids all over North America with the Buffy Coleman Basketball Show since 1998!

Every idea starts in our mind. We can use our minds to benefit us or to hurt us. Many individuals choose to simply not think about their future.  But, by brainstorming, it triggers the mind to explore future ideas and opportunities.  Words are powerful so it is important to listen to good advise from anyone because the wisdom can help in future circumstances.  

 Every great invention or successful idea started with a simple thought. Therefore, we recommend that a student or person do a 15 minute brainstorm each day. It strengthens one's thinking capacity. Students may feel the current subjects that they are studying in school won't apply in their future Jobs or career. But, by maximizing their learning potential in school, it trains them to use their mind.

Success is not based solely on how much money an individual earns. There are a lot of people that earn a substantial income but they hate to get out of bed to go to work each day. The true definition of success is reaching a career goal that one absolutely enjoys while earning a satisfactory income. Money is merely a byproduct of our success while having a passion for a particular occupation. 

Having a positive mindset is important in realizing goals. The entire universe consists of a constant flow of energy all the way down to the atomic and molecular level. It is important to maintain a positive mindset in  pursuit of our success. For example: When a seed is planted into simple soil miraculously a plant grows from the ground. That means there has to be some form of energy in the ground to make a dormant seed become a live plant.


Motivational speakers just activate what is already in every human being. We all have potential to be great and achieve our goals. Some people are born with the ability to overcome setbacks while the meek succumb to adversity. We simply help people to focus and create structure mentally to overcome any obstacles by encouraging them to control what they can control. Most people quit through the process but we must understand that one must stay the course in pursuit of success. Success at reaching your goal happens in time as ups and downs balance out in due time. It's just by way of Law of Averages.