Goal Setting

   Success is when preparation meets opportunity.  Success is nothing more than Small daily progressions toward an objective through preparation in which one has taken a proper course of action. One's goal can't be reached all at once because most humans give up when they don't see results right away. But, if we set small daily goals while focusing on the small progressions it allows one to stay motivated to stay the course. Most people minds can only obtain small doses of information at a time. We improve by perfect practice by way of repetition and a good plan of action. 

   Read and research about your mentor to learn about your mentor's career path  to help master your craft and duplicate what they did to become successful. 


   One should pursue a career that they're Passionate about and you will likely stay the course and overcome any obstacles in your career path. Making money can't be the only motive but instead choose a career that you love while setting goals.  We must gain knowledge or a skill to offer something to society by becoming an expert in a particular field. We are paid for what we know and we pay for what we don't know. Therefore, if a student wants to be compensated for their knowledge and purpose they must gain knowledge in a career field. 

   Effort is the one attribute that can't be taught. Many people just don't exercise enough effort to reap the rewards that they're seeking. many times effort is what determines one's fate in accomplishing their goal. Putting forth effort comes from within by way of determination.