Goal Setting

Success is when preparation meets opportunity. Success is nothing more than small tangible progressions toward an objective through preparation in which one has taken a proper course of action. One's goal can't be reached all at once because most humans give up when they don't see results right away. But, if we set small tangible goals while checking off the small achievements in pursuit of the final goal, it allows one to stay motivated to stay the course. Most people minds can only obtain small doses of information at a time. We improve by way of perfect practice through repetition and a good plan of action. We encourage students to set small tangible goals. For example: Instead of trying to make the honor roll all at once within a 9 week period, a student should set a goal of progressing from a C to a B in a particular subject for a 9 week period. Then continue to set and attain small personal goals throughout the school year until the final goal is reached.

In order for a student to make better grades, they must change the routine that's preventing them from seeing better results/grades. In reaching our goals, we must invest time towards reaching our goals. Students should exercise self discipline to set aside extra time to study more of the subjects in which they are struggling. We encourage students to to take a set amount of time out away from social media for homework to improve their lives. Spending too much time on social media doesn't improve lives but investing more time on studies will increase one's chances for future success. 

Having the self discipline to commit one's self to investing in themselves when no one has to tell them or when no one is looking is significant in reaching a set goal.  If one has a problem in attaining a goal, it means that the person haven't identified the problem. Once the problem is identified, simply change the routine and focus on the solution. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Successful people focus on solutions instead of wasting time complaining about the problem.

Effort is the one attribute that can't be taught. Many people just don't exercise enough effort to reap the rewards that they're seeking. Often times effort is what determines one's fate in accomplishing their goal. Putting forth effort comes from within by way of determination. Everyone has more control than they think at reaching their goals based on their actions.  It's up to each individual to take the responsibility to prompt change by investing time to improve themselves. Intestinal fortitude is what separates high achievers from under achievers.

(High School Students) Read and research about your mentor to learn about your mentor's career path to help master your craft and duplicate what they did to become successful. Usually a mentor's journey has been chronicled in some capacity and one can simply read a book about a particular mentor. The ability to network, communicate. and interact with people from all backgrounds is a plus in pursuit of our goals.{ 


One should pursue a career that they're passionate about and you will likely stay the course and overcome any obstacles in your career path. Making money can't be the only motive but instead choose a career that you love while setting goals.  We must gain knowledge or a skill to offer something to society by becoming an expert in a particular field. We are paid for what we know and we pay for what we don't know. Therefore, if a student wants to be compensated for their knowledge and purpose, they must gain knowledge in a career field. 

Success at reaching your goal happens in time as ups and downs balance out in due time. It's just by way of the Law of Averages. Most people change courses during the journey and never realize their goals. We all have the same 24 hours in a day but successful people invest and manage their time wisely into ventures that will benefit them in their future. One should do all they can do by positioning themselves to be successful and if it doesn't manifest, then it simply wasn't meant to be. But, one can live with the fact that they did all they could do!

Fear is a human emotion that's the opposite of faith. Fear paralyzes the creativity within one's mind. There are moments in which fear and doubt creeps into everyone's minds but we have the power within us to transform the doubt into faith merely by conjuring positive thoughts. 

The key to success is to surround one's self with successful or like minded individuals. You are the company that you keep. An individual can't be afraid to fail in pursuit of a goal. by way of growth. Failure is simply part of the process in attempting to reach a set goal because learning from prior mistakes will prompt the necessary improvements. The only time an individual is a failure is when they have quit for the last time.