Standardized Testing

Some students don't score well on standardized tests because they don't have a positive mindset going into the state testing. We have been told by a countless number of school counselors that say some students do well all school year but are not good test takers. Facing your fears is always powerful and we must train ourselves to think positive even when doubt and fear wants to creep in our minds. You can only think positive when you know that you are well equipped and prepared for the task at hand. That's why it's important for students to take advantage of the practice tests that are made available by teachers in advance before testing dates.   

The more students study the practice test the more they will be prepared to achieve a higher test score. We recommend that students simulate taking the practice test with a timer being that the standardized tests are timed. By practicing with a timer, students are able to develop a rhythm and pace that will allow them to maximize their time while taking the standardized tests. Students should meditate prior to testing as it clears and resets the mind in preparation for the test. Being on time and in their seats prior to the state testing prevents any added anxiety. Any and all distractions should be avoided  while trying to conquer a task. 

If a student isn't getting the results that want as far as satisfactory test scores, they have to change up their routine. Going to bed earlier. studying more, eating a good breakfast. Whatever is preventing the student from optimizing  their potential, has to change. The definition of insanity is doing the same action over and over expecting different results