With so much division and separation in the U.S., it is important to try in help bridge the gap between people when possible. Buffy is an advocate for peace among all races, nationalities, ethnicity, genders, religions, backgrounds, and sexual preferences. Regardless of social status: poor, rich, small town, urban communities, or political views. 

Buffy's message: 

Through my many travels I have had the good fortune to interact with people from different cultures. Through my experience of interacting with people from all walks of life , I have found that there are mean spirited people from all races but there are good spirited people from all races. Therefore, I learned many years ago to keep an open mind while interacting with someone that doesn't look like me. It is important for me to judge a person by their character as opposed to a stereotype that I may prejudge them by. Most people aren't honest about this sensitive issue. But, in reality, by nature most people are prejudice toward people that are different from them. But, it's up to an individual to always keep an open mind before drawing a conclusion about anyone. I've found that by taking this approach, my everyday walk through life is much easier.  By limiting yourself to a certain group you also limit opportunities. At the end of the day, we are all apart of the human race. I'm all about inclusion as opposed to separation. About lifting someone up as opposed to putting them down. About positive energy as opposed to negative energy. If someone says to me that they will try to have a good day, I remind them to make it a good day regardless of what the day may bring.